Over 40 years in the Surveying Industry

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We provide spatial services to help shape the environment around us.

Conolly Surveying is well-established, with over 40 years experience servicing the Sydney region. Utilising the latest technology our team delivers accurate, reliable and cost effective surveying services ranging from small scale residential to large scale infrastructure projects.

Expertise to Stay on Budget

Our team of professionals has extensive experience in the land surveying industry and understands the challenges and complexities of Engineering & Construction Surveys. We have the experience and foresight to avoid cost mistakes.

Technology to Save Time

We use the latest surveying equipment and software to ensure that our surveys are precise and efficient. Conolly Surveying continually invests in developing systems and processes for consistent incremental improvement built up over decades. Construction Surveys. We have the experience and foresight to avoid cost mistakes.

Clear Communication

We keep our clients informed at every stage of the surveying process, from the initial consultation to the final delivery and handover.

Customer Focus

We prioritise our clients’ needs and strive to provide excellent customer service, from responding promptly to inquiries to providing detailed and accurate surveys.

Conolly Surveying Services

  • Bulk earthworks setout
  • Road setout
  • Stormwater setout
  • Topographic surveys for design
  • Contour survey
  • Volume calculations
  • High resolution aerial imagery capture

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  • Building & construction setout
  • As-Built / Work as constructed / Work as executed
  • Precast concrete panel conformance checks before site delivery
  • Monitoring for settlement & deflection
  • Strata subdivision plan

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  • Mapping of subsurface utilities
  • Horizontal directional drilling setout & monitoring of settlement on state roads
  • As-Built drawings for utility companies
  • Ausgrid accredited field recording of network assets
  • Sydney Water compliant work as constructed plan

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  • Detailed survey
  • Boundary survey
  • Mark/peg property boundaries
  • Identification survey
  • Final occupancy survey
  • Easment creation via 88B instrument
  • Land subdivision
  • Mean high water mark surveys

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your goals are our goals

The team at Conolly Surveying listen to your objectives and make your goals our priority.

Client Feedback

"Competent, professional, timely and less than we had thought with regard to cost. The Conollys completely resolved the location of a disputed neighbour boundary and we can all now move on. Well done and thank you."
Robert D
"Conolly Surveying is amazing! They did a fantastaic job and at amazing speed! They were super efficient and professional, they got our survey done quickly to meet a very tight deadline. We are extremely grateful for Conolly Surveying's service and their fast turnaround!"
Peggy C
"The team at Connolly Surveying well the best I’ve experienced. We had a very tight time critical job that they somehow squeezed in between others. They actually cam out the evening before the day we expected them which was perfect considering our urgent job. In addition to a fantastic job, they also cam back at my request to help me understand the reading and show me the point of survey. As they say service is king and they certainly delivered. A measure of recommendation for me is would you recommend to you parent and family, and that’s a 100% yes from me. Well done team, and I’ve already recommended them to 3 other people already. Thanks again."
Dion P
"An outstanding service! Conolly Surveying bent over backwards to accomodate our survey for an extremely tight deadline issued by council. The survey was a difficult one due to the terrain and lack of previous landmarks which made the process challenging. However, Conolly's professionalism and expertise delivered a detailed survey on time and on budget."
Anthony F

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